Green Building United 2018 Sustainability Symposium - Philadelphia Navy Yard

Chad Adams led a presentation and panel at the Green Building United 2018 Sustainability Symposium. The audience was engaged and enthusiastic with many questions about the future of food production:

Carbon Farming: The climatic, social, and economic implications of regenerative agriculture

Carbon Farming is farming in a way that reduces greenhouse gas emissions or captures and holds carbon in vegetation and soils. It is managing land, water, plants, and animals to restore ecosystems, ameliorate climate change, and provide nutrient dense food and educational opportunities. Also described as Regenerative Agriculture, these goals are achieved through a focus on lower-sequestration strategies like no-till organic annual cropping, perennial crops, and managed grazing. Attendees will learn the overall concepts and specific metrics of this emerging practice through four business case studies, and will come to understand the implications for communities on how and where these types of food production can fit.

Learning Level 300: Application/Implementation


Chad Adams, Ground Plan Studio, Bio-Logical Capital
Tony D'Orazio, Carversville Farm Foundation
Moderator | Hannah Smith-Brubaker, Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture